How could one possibly live without music? Starting from when we were infants, even though we couldn’t vocalize yet, we were already able to respond to music by bouncing or moving our hands. When we become children, we learn to sing in groups, maybe even play instruments. When we become older, we use music to forge friendships, vent out our feelings, and make memories.

Music, whether we are aware of it or not, has become an integral part of our lives, both in the big events and the small. What an amazing thing music is. Music evokes a wide range…

I have never been good at art.
From a young age, I was hopeless at coloring, couldn’t hold a paintbrush the right way, drew a square that looked more like a circle — the list of my art failures goes on and on. The only subject I’ve ever failed was Art in 4th grade. And when I saw that figure on my report card, I thought to myself, “Gosh, I’m not built for art.”
Back then, I only thought of art as that dreaded, useless waste of time in school. I couldn’t have been more wrong now.
The definition of art is rather…

This quarantine has seen the worst slump in my motivation, ever. I have negligible motivation to do just about anything, even moving away from the comfort of my bed. I thought a lot, more than I could handle, to the point where I stopped before I could take action. Slight hair loss was just one of the many consequences.

Doing the same damn things while being cooped up sucks the life out of me. All I could do was procrastinate, work at the last minute, sleep, and cry about everything. Life seemed to have ceased meaning. …

Man talks to himself, but only silhoutte is shown
Talking to Myself — Erich Ferdinand (flickr)

All my life I’ve struggled with insecurity. I have trouble with committing to things, pretty sure that there’s some subconscious regression that I have, but I’m just too afraid to admit. Wouldn’t necessarily label myself as a perfectionist, but I’m 75% of the time in doubt and just unsure of what to do. And consistency has been such a big issue for me. Well, we live in a society that favors instant gratification after all.

Because of this, I’ve decided that the best thing to do is to filter out all the noise and only listen to the ones that…

The coronavirus is becoming increasingly prominent in Indonesia. Even now, it has spread to Jakarta, where there have been positive cases in areas that I usually visit.

Before the announcement of the 14-day quarantine by the governor, masses of people were panicking in supermarkets, buying up whatever they can to stock up for long periods. I see that people now are more observant of the news, keeping themselves glued to any updates of where the coronavirus has spread. …

I don’t know whether, what, how. My words are halting. My head is so full, yet I have so little capacity to express these fleeting thoughts that make absolutely no sense. One moment I feel like I could cling onto them, the next they go away.

Do I know what I want to say? Or do I not? I’m too slow to digest these abstract movements in my mind. Am I even making sense? Do you understand what I’m trying to say? I don’t.

I’m sorry. I can’t think things through. A rather odd feeling. This isn’t me! Words come…

Man in front of river

Here’s something I learned at the right point in my life.
Whenever we encounter a challenge and are unable to satisfy standards, what we do is not beat ourselves down for it: we accept it. I realized this when watching a 10 minute watered-down summary of Stoicism, and this bit was what stuck most to me.

I have to be honest. I am the type of person that beats myself down if it so happens that I could not perform as expected, based on my expectations or those of others. This probably comes from joining competitions frequently, subconsciously leading me…

Dschelada Monkey Primates —

It’s Christmas morning. She waits in anticipation for her Christmas present.
For so long, she’s wanted a pet kitten.
In the distance, she sees a large-sized gift.
Could it be?
She opens it…
And it’s only a stuffed cat. Great.
She gets so infuriated that she repeats signing the word “angry”.
This misfortune happened to Koko, the lowland gorilla known for signing in Gorilla Sign Language. This 46-year-old ape was taught by Penny Patterson, an American animal psychologist, who took care of Koko since she was a baby.

Gorillas are a hominid, a taxonomic family of the order Primates. Humans…

Children attending school at the Chomkeo elementary school in Kenthao District, Sayaboury Province.

“Where’s the nearest gas station?”

“How’s the traffic near home?”

“What’s the final score of the derby match today?”

These are the questions that we mutter into our phones. Thousands of requests are completed by virtual assistants every minute.

That’s just how powerful the technology we possess today is. It has drastically changed the way we live our lives.

In the 21st century, the world is advancing faster than ever. Humans are becoming more productive with the seemingly infinite amount of resources surrounding us. Space-shrinking technology takes…

Everything in my life is messed up. I can’t keep my money in the right place, my school locker’s filled with sheets of paper and books (I always rummage through a pile of stuff when searching for that one thing I desperately need)… and my room is slowly morphing into an episode of Hoarders.

Great. This is an accurate representation of my life.

It’s peculiar how I’m a girl, but I can’t keep stuff in place. I can’t write neatly. I can’t organize things properly. No wonder I’m looked down upon.

My mind can’t remain in a proper, peaceful state…

Darlene Kawilarang

//04 🇮🇩 wassup. IG: @darlkaw

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